IFAK insert

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Sure Shots Individual First Aid Kit or "IFAK" insert was designed by a senior Special Forces/Special Mission medic for use at home in an austere setting. Each IFAK or IFAK insert comes pre inventoried with everything you need to assess and treat using the data proven Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) MARCH sequence which Includes:

  • 1x CAT tourniquet
  • 1x 4" Mini Emergency Dressing
  • 1x NAR S-rolled Gauze
  • 1x Hyfin Vent Compact Chest Seal
  • 1x Nasal Pharyngeal Airway 
  • 1x NAR Emergency Survival Blanket

The insert comes vacuum sealed for quality and inventory control and was designed to be thrown into a backpack, kitchen drawer or glove box