Surefire X300U-B

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The rugged Surefire X300U-B Ultra with its T-slot thumbscrew clamp attaches securely to the Universal and Picatinny rails (fitting more models than ever before) found on most handguns, and it will fit many popular rail-less handguns by using SureFire’s MR adapter mounts. As always for this best-in-class model, it features integral onefinger ambidextrous momentary- and constant-on switching and can be equipped with SureFire’s optional DG handgun grip switch. This versatile WeaponLight also attaches to the Picatinny rails on long guns—more securely than ever before—and can be activated via an optional XT remote switch that gives you precision control of the light while letting you maintain a proper grip on your weapon.

TIR lens creates smooth, far-reaching light with a large center spot beam
Runtime: 1.25 hours
Surefire X300U-B Ultra offers the power to positively identify threats at significant distances while temporarily impairing an adversary's vision.